You can find all the information that you need to start to furnish your rooms with LYN.

LYN provides you with everything you need for the creation of your various models. The LYN objects includes all the wiring, regularly certified and properly executed by our technicians, ready for the usage or the installation by your local operators, (which they will be trained by us free of charge).

The LYN products can be equipped with Lithium accumulators (where it is possible, they are always recommended). This technology as well as allowing a long duration of usage, it gives the possibility of recharging, via a tiny plug inserted in a part, not in view, of the object where it is plug a charging cable (free supplied with the item).

Another possibility is through continuous power via the mains on site: the electrical circuit necessary for the whole operation is provided along with the object and it is installed by our own technicians.

Given the presence of a transformer and cables connecting with, a door, bed, or other object, and the house electric system, is recommended to settle a room for the installation. You just need to let your electrician contact us and we will provide him the scheme of the assembly instructions.

Contact us. We are at your disposal.