Welcome to the world of surreal LYN

Light and wood. More natural than that … except that now is not the wood lit to reflect light, but the light to get space between the wood grain giving a new, unusual, magical appearance.

This is LYN, a new tool offered to creative minds, professional and amateur, who can see their dreams coming true and creating magical atmospheres to experience which they can live both in a trendy and in the intimacy of a bedroom.

Thanks to an hand-made approach (but with the help of professional machinery), we can create objects and furnishings of infinite shape and finishes and follow you out both in the artistic and design phase and in the production and assembly phase.

In these website you can get an idea of what the LYN technology can offer, the magic of the light that the wood can give you showing environments that seem unreal, I would say magical. Everything you will see from the pictures it may seem far-fetched. Actually it was, until LYN has developed a very special technology, (which has obviously protected by filing several patents) that allows you to get the unique effects that you can enjoy surfing throughout this website